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Last Thursday my friend, Jessi, texted me asking if I wanted to make $50 and be an extra on Project Runwayum, yes! She found a website for a production company that pays for extras and audience members for TV shows, so I made a little profile and signed up, waited, got selected for Friday morning’s shoot. 

Here’s a little info on what happened:

Although this may sound like a totally cool endeavor, it’s mostly boring. You show up at a not-yet-open restaurant. You sit around. You sign a form. You sit around. Some desperate, aspiring actors make idle chit-chat with you. You get anxious from all the sitting for no reason.

Eventually, our task is explained: We have two options. Option 1: order food from the servers, who are actually Season 11 designers (Yup. They’re already filming season 11.). We’re encouraged to be demanding. Option 2: Play ping pong excitedly in the background. In case you don’t know, I have NO hand-eye coordination and I LOVE free food, so I picked Option 1. Finally, the people in charge lead you to a restaurant next door. You stand in the hall. Quietly! They let you into the restaurant/ping pong bar 5 at a time.

We’re rushed to a table by a nervous designer who offers to READ us the menu instead of just letting us look it over…we spare her and just tell her to come back in a few minutes. I get some lamb sliders and sweet potato fries. Yum. The whole table wants iced coffee but our server offers us these weird all-natural energy smoothies. They tasted weird, but definitely gave me energy. Anyway, the whole “server challenge” lasted less than 20 minutes and then they called us off to the sides while TIM GUNN made an appearance. Then we go sit quietly in another place while the designers make their sketches. Then…it’s over! See, nothing too exciting, except getting to see Tim Gunn in the flesh. I plan on signing up for more shows, so I’ll let y’all know if anything cool does end up happening!